The #dareconf workshop

To immerse yourself in the #dareconf techniques, join organizer Jonathan Kahn for a full-day workshop where you’ll practise techniques from facilitation, conflict resolution, and improvisational theatre. Learn how to:

You can register for this workshop as part of #dareconf London.


“Following the model of nonviolent communication—state an observation, identify your feeling, relate it to a need, and make a request—felt clunky and unnatural at first, but it helped me to plan for the hard discussions. I was amazed by how often identifying the other person’s need helped me to clarify an issue and reach a resolution more quickly.” Gina Swindler, Experience Designer, Think Brownstone

“Jonathan listened to what we wanted from the workshop and tailored the day to our needs. His deep knowledge of ways to improve interpersonal communication, from active listening to non-violent communication techniques, was evident. Getting the chance to put theory into practice was immensely valuable and solidified my understanding of each technique. I left ready to put my new tools into action at my workplace and, more broadly, in my life.”
Meredith Noble, Director of Research & Insights, Catalyst Group, New York City

“Jonathan was very attentive, ensuring each participant had exercises tailored to their specific requirements. Working through these in a group allowed me to gain a new perspective on my existing working relationships, and I went away feeling equipped to improve upon them in the future.”
Victoria O’Connell, Project Manager, Deeson

“The workshop exceeded my expectations in terms of content, depth and overall quality. The intimate environment and highly skilled coach made me feel at ease quickly. I was particularly impressed with your effort to trying to tailor the sessions to the needs of the attendees and make sure you had a clear understanding of what we wanted to get out of the workshop. Also the role play, which I think is very hard to get right, was well structured and introduced plenty of insightful moments as well as a powerful storytelling element.”
Luigi Palazzolo, Product Manager, uSwitch

“It really felt that you were trying to understand my challenges fully so that we could then focus on those areas of improvement that were important to me; and by using real-life examples on the day, made me feel that I was genuinely learning some useful techniques. Some of the techniques taught were real examples that I could start using after the course, and this was helpfully summarised at the end with what I would start, stop and continue to do. In fact, the day after the course I was definitely more aware of people in my office saying things like, “I’m hearing that…” or, “It sounds like….” (as well as using it myself!) I took away clear actions and practical advice on things I could put into practice.”
Jess Mistry, Project Manager, Juice

“Joining the workshop with Jonathan was an amazing experience. I was involved in many active tasks, very challenging and so very useful for what I have to face in day by day business at my company. I came out from this workshop with new ideas and inner desire to start immediately applying some of the techniques I learned with Jonathan.”
Alberto Scotta, Head of User Experience Design, deltatre, Turin

“The workshop provided with me a list of techniques tailored to my needs that I did not know existed to handle sensitive and sometimes difficult situations. These techniques will help the team be more productive and achieve a higher standard of output by being able to effectively communicate our feelings and needs. I felt inspired by the techniques and it’s given me greater confidence in my communication.”
James D’Espaigne, Senior User Experience Designer, Misys

“The workshop on people skills was a fantastic use of my time and provided a safe environment for practising the method of non-violent communication. I believe that great digital work depends good collaboration and the workshop really taught me to better empathise with design teams, clients and managers, understand their needs and respond appropriately. Thanks for sharing your expertise, Jonathan.”
Patrick Esser, Service Design Consultant, Me & Company, Düsseldorf