Help your team to put people first

On May 19, 2015, 70 people came to the first #dareconf USA at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia to learn how to help their teams put people first. You can:

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About #dareconf USA

Imagine you have one objective: to design a service that shows empathy for users. No frustrating experiences, no organizational jargon, no bureaucratic hoops to jump through. Just straightforward design that demonstrates respect for your users by meeting their needs.

Imagine you also have constraints: you can’t work alone, and you can’t tell others what to do. No policies, no best practice, no saying, “here’s what we should do.” You can show but you can’t tell.

What would you do?

The answer isn’t in any one person’s contribution—whether design, research, code, or content. The answer is in how the team works together. Your team needs to:

At #dareconf USA you’ll learn how to encourage your team to adopt these behaviors using simple techniques rarely seen in design teams. Taken from fields like facilitation, coaching, conflict resolution, and improvisational theater, these techniques don’t rely on telling people what to do. They work by discovering the group’s common purpose and creating a space where everyone can learn together. As a result you’ll contribute to work that shows empathy for users—work that makes a difference to people’s lives.

Venue: The University of the Arts

Caplan Recital Hall

#dareconf USA was sponsored by The University of the Arts. Our venue was the Caplan Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Philadelphia. We enjoyed working with the Design for Social Impact Masters Program which prepares students to become leading agents of social change through design within communities and organizations.

Thanks to our sponsors

We’re grateful to our sponsors for making #dareconf USA possible.

The University of the Arts

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  • Dot Connector Studio
  • Fastspot
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  • Seven Heads Design
  • think brownstone

Meet the organizers

Jonathan Kahn and Roz Duffy at #dareconf London

Jonathan Kahn started #dareconf in London in 2013. As founder of Together London, he organizes events about the human side of digital. He writes at lucid plot.

Roz Duffy is a design strategist and researcher. She organizes communities around empowering change and creative expression. Past credits include organizing BarCamp Philly (2008-2011) and TEDxPhilly (2010 & 2011). Roz presented How to create safe spaces to learn and grow at #dareconf London 2014.