Create safe spaces by bringing your whole self to work

Rifa Thorpe-Tracey

Organiser, SheSays Brighton

Most of us were raised to keep our personal and work lives separate. We’re careful not to expose our personal selves at work, in case others judge us as weak, out of control, or unprofessional. This separation has a cost: when we hide behind a professional persona, we can’t connect with others.

When I found myself frustrated and isolated at work, I didn’t have the tools to change the situation—or so I thought. I realised that I could use skills from my other life as a meditation practitioner to create safe spaces for women in my field. That gave me the confidence to “show up”—to bring my whole self to work—and I brought my two worlds of meditation and technology together. Through this work I’ve learned how to create safe spaces at work by encouraging others to show up, too. Learn how to:

At Refigure Rifa helps companies to use meditation to build more effective teams. She’s a freelance digital project manager and organises SheSays Brighton.

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