Connect with colleagues using active listening

Laura Morgan

Head of Product, Comic Relief

We all want to make a positive contribution with our work. We often assume that we know how to help, so we plough ahead without stopping to consider how other people might be affected. Although we might think of ourselves as “good listeners,” we listen for information that will help us convince, fix, or dismiss, instead of listening for understanding.

When I was hired to lead a team through a transition to agile methods, I dived straight into changing processes and applying tools. I couldn’t understand why the team seemed to become less productive, and stakeholders started to ask awkward questions. I realised that in my enthusiasm to help, I hadn’t opened channels of communication which allowed people to be authentic in expressing their needs. Once I started listening, I was able to build trust and connect with my team. Learn how to:

Laura works as a product manager in media and broadcast. She’s currently Head of Product at Comic Relief.

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