Create a workplace based on trust

On 28 September 2015, 40 people participated in #dareconf London at the Arcola Theatre to learn techniques for building workplaces based on trust. You can:

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About #dareconf London

Imagine you’re in a game with one objective: to create a workplace built on trust. Where people participate through choice, contribute without fear of criticism, and build on each other’s ideas. Where groups create work that would be impossible to achieve individually.

What determines success in this game? Is it luck of the draw, based on having the “right” people on the team? Does it depend on enlightened managers who set values and empower teams to fulfil them?

This isn’t a game of chance. It’s a game of skill and technique.

Success doesn’t depend on intrinsic properties of the people you work with, or “air cover” from enlightened leaders. The answer is in the mindset of your team. You need to believe that your team can work together in a way that meets everyone’s needs. To create a space where people truly “show up”—where they bring their whole self to work—you need to adopt a mindset of abundance instead of scarcity:

At #dareconf you’ll learn how to adopt this mindset using simple techniques—rarely seen in today’s workplace—taken from fields like facilitation, conflict resolution, and improvisational theatre. You’ll use them to create safe spaces, where people choose to meet each other’s needs for autonomy, mutual respect, and understanding. Your team will experience connection, growth, and joy as they contribute to work that they could never accomplish on their own.